From Novice to Boxing Champ in 6 Lessons!

In December 2016 I entered a White Collar Boxing event, without any prior training of any sort whatsoever. As scary as that was for me, it was for a good cause….

We started training at a boxing gym in January 2017 with fight night being 20 March. We trained hard on fitness but at my first sparring session I was punched a few times and couldn’t understand where I had gone wrong.

This is when my husband told me about Jason and his personal training.

I went to Jason about a month before fight night. With such limited time, he immediately rose to the challenge. We started training together the following week.

In one lesson I could instantly feel my movement and stance was changed and I felt more confident on my feet and the way I move around. The next lesson was working on my punching and generating power. Again it felt like everything I thought I knew was such a small drop in the bucket of what I am actually capable of doing with my body. The next 4 lessons was working on implementing my technique with strategy and combinations to use on fight night. 

When I was informed of who my opponent will be, I was a bit rattled as she was two weight classes above me and with a very aggressive nature. Jason assured me that he has fully confidence in my ability and that my opponent should not intimidate me.

Fight Night approached way to quickly and nerves started to get the better of me. But Jason was right there next to me reminding me of how far I have come in 6 lessons. Well finally I got in the boxing ring and it was time to focus on my fight. With overwhelming nerves the bell rang and the fight was on. Using Jason’s advice, I immediately walked up to my opponent and planted a quick jab and a heavy right strike and she was rattled.

The fight was mine to Win. All credit to Jason, Without him I would probably have been KO’ed in the first 10 seconds. If ever I decide to do a boxing event again I will only use Jason.                                           

6 lessons and I was a champ – My heart exploded with joy (and relief….)

-Sumare Beukes-


Recalculating is a term “we” know, but looking deeper into it, “we” notice that “we” have only scraped the surface, and now “we” are in the process of calculating again, maybe hoping to get the same or different answers. The period we are in has brought about recalculation of “one’s” life. Things are not what they used to be and entering the dojo today, it made me do some recalculations on life and kata.

It was a good sight to see Sensei Jason after such a long time, a brief greeting and a warm embrace from him was enough for “I” to see that I am home. We stretched and massaged the internal organs (through breathing and twisting) while seated in “Seiza”, under the sun. It’s a pools length from the dojo and I am recalculating, if that’s the warm up……….. how much is he going to download to me?

A bit of a cold shiver as I walk into the dojo, and he says: “we doing Chi No Kata”, and I have calculations of how it’s done…. A Kata is beginning of all martial art forms……So to me it’s good beginning after a long absence.

But….. he recalculated the whole Chi No Kata……… I was not sure if it was the same one I knew. At the moment of demonstrations he got a Bo and the whole Kata changed into Yari (Spear) and Shoto (Short Sword). Sui no kata followed as I know it and have been practicing for years, but with a Naginata, having just recalculated itself and “I” as well………… to another route and level.

It was about noon, when we took a walk on one of the nature trails on the perimeter of McGregor. His teachings came along as he balanced nature, budo and life. I became one with my surroundings as his reasoning edifying to my life and environment. We were like lost brothers and due to recalculation found each other again. Sensei Jason’s reasoning on budo brings “livety” and every visit to the dojo in McGregor brings enlightenment on budo and “livety”.

If in 2020 and beyond, one needs recalculation of budo and life, one place I can point to, is a dojo in McGregor where Sensei Jason resides. He has opened his doors, and is welcoming all those seeking a place to learn martial arts and Bujinkan Budo. An authentic Japanese Martial Arts, transmitting lessons learned through generations of warriors on the battlefield. He also shares Taiso, a Japanese word meaning “exercises”. The word itself comes from the Japanese, tai, “body,” and so, “hardening,” a generic Japanese term for body conditioning & Zen yoga practices.

Do call, make an appointment and the rest will be history, or your story, like the one I have.

Thank you very much Sensei, Many blessings.

-Tawanda “Bones” Biza-

It started at the Gym, with a walk by……

At the Gym, Jason always used to smile and greet me, on his way to the studio he rented for teaching martial arts. One day, curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it, I was training as a part of his family Dojo.

Jason is the most controlled teacher I know and I have never seen him angry. He always smiles when he teaches, and that way rubs off on people. I have met interesting and diverse people through him, people he brought together to learn and become a close community. At first, I didn’t always understand why I had to do things over and over and over again……. but today I am glad I did. It is like Pavlof, I will always remember my strikes, kicks, throws and falls, laughing, failing, learning……

I am happy to have him as one of my best friends, an ally and someone I can rely on. Glad to know that (although we don’t always see each other) in my heart and mind He and my Buyu (Dojo Friends) are always there to lend a shoulder or a hand. Only one of the many reasons why I love Jason’s controlled and disciplined, yet friendly environment he taught us in.

What a friend and ally to have in my life.

-Morne Visser-