Sustain Your Practice through understanding and enjoyment.

I believe that it is important to view our relationship to Practice as well as the purposes thereof with the understanding of enjoyment and sustainability.

If we cannot sustain our Practice into our golden years due to injury through wear and tear, then it does not serve us. If we are not enjoying the various aspects of physical and mental integration supported by the social interactions of the Dojo community, then the long term relationships that support our Practice will not be formed. If we do not integrate our Practice into our lives through solo Practice, then we never cultivate the ideal environment for our Practice to take root and bare fruit.

Practice because it brings you enjoyment. Understand the purpose of the various exercise patterns and align yourself to developing the required skills through self discipline and awareness. Understand that Practice is experiential and the environment acts as a mirror to reflect on yourself in order to improve. Use these reflections to learn and develop (forge yourself into a sword through the fire of your will) the seed of Practice into a fruitful and sustainable life.

As Soke Hatsumi says: “The most important things is to be happy”. Practice is enjoyed through the understanding of the purpose of Practice.

Enjoy it and keep going!