Coffee & Budo

The Way that can be told, is not the Eternal Way……….

-Tao Te Ching-

Being Winter now, the mornings are cold and it’s a little harder to leave the snug warmth of the multi-layers of duvet and blankets that has been my refuge for the last few hours. It takes me a moment of orientation and then I stretch as I get up for my morning meditation.

Afterwards my mind is at peace as I reflect on the insights gained and prepare for the day.

In the kitchen I open the air tight seal of the packaging and take a measure, putting it in the grinder. Buzzz….Pause……Buzzz……Pause…..check the consistency…..Buzzzz……Pause, Ok, that should do…… The fragrant aroma that was trapped is released and as I anticipate the outcome of this morning ritual, my mind is wondering, Percolator or Plunger?

I go with Plunger and check the water level of the kettle before I flip the switch on. I hear the distinct CLICK as the water boils and I wait an agonizing couple of seconds for the water to cool before I pour. The brew is almost complete and I discipline myself to wait a moment before I press the plunger down.

Finally I take a sip of my labour and savour the taste of a great cup of coffee.

Now although I have shared a relatively detailed description of my journey, you as the reader could only relate to my experience and not taste the actual cup of coffee I had. No matter how much I describe and no matter how accurate I am, you still will not be able to experience my experience.

My story may however prompt you to have your own experience, and depending on your knowledge and skill, it could be favourable. If not, you could find someone who makes an awesome cup of coffee, form a relationship so you can observe and learn as they go about the process of making their coffee.

And that is why, “the way that can be told, is not the eternal way”, it must be experienced.

That is also how Budo is Brewed…….