We are a Japanese warrior tradition and cultural centre for seekers of truth and adventure.

Be guided by dedicated, innovative and skilled leadership who facilitate progressive life changing experiences in a fun, safe and professional environment.

The Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo South Africa, is guided by Dai-Shihan Jason Roberts, who has been training in the martial arts since 1977 and teaching since 1992. He travels to Japan to train with the Japanese Grandmasters as well as his teacher Dai-Shihan Phil Legare.

We look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Be transported through your learning and practice of the warrior traditions to a place of exploration and wonder as Dai Shihan Jason Roberts with Shidoshi(s) Fred Hayman; Andre Kellerman; Lizette Duff-Riddell & Johan Venter share their experience with you.

Join us in a safe professional environment, as we share a quest of self discovery and skill development that can increase your health and survival. Training is multi-faceted, encouraging self reflection to embrace a more balanced lifestyle and with an emphasis on real personal protection.


Forge The Warrior in YOU.

Bujinkan Budo is authentic Japanese Martial Arts, transmitting lessons learned through generations of warriors on the battlefield.

Today we use those principle based methods from the past to Reflect (Keiko) and develop the skills needed to navigate conflict, defend ourselves and protect our loved ones from violence and danger.

Practice (Shugyo) of the lessons (Kata) develop the skill sets (Kihon) to overcome (WAZA) adversity and persevere even when one’s opponents has the advantage. These are real Warrior Traditions with survival in mind.

Classes consist of, but are not limited to:
The Natural Absorption & Redirection of Force.
Striking & Kicking.
Wrestling & Throwing.
Locking, Choking & Escaping.
Weapon Disarms & Retention.
Modern & Ancient Weapons: Blades, Sticks & Spears, Projectiles & Firearms.

Connect to Self & Nature ​through Movement.

Be transported to a place of discovery and wonder when you explore Movement rooted in ancient traditions. ​Interact individually or with like minded members of the Tribe in a group setting. 

Join in a shared quest of self discovery and empowerment, learning and practicing in a safe and professional environment.

Explore strategy and philosophy with the aid of ancient and modern tools, gain tactics to navigate encounters and the ability to increase your health and chances of survival.​ 

Training is multi-faceted, encouraging self reflection to embrace a more balanced lifestyle with an emphasis ​on real personal protection.

Practice consist of, but is not limited to:

Developing a firm Base!
Explore Fundamental biomechanics through relaxed; safe & natural movement.​

The Natural Absorption & Redirection of Force.
Taiso & Ukemi: 
Limbering Exercises to improve 
absorption & redirection.

Striking & Kicking. 
Sanshin No Kata: 
Foundation Movement Exercises.

Wrestling, Throwing, Locking,
Choking & Escaping.

Kihon Happo: 
Foundation Combat Mechanics.

Develop further skill sets – Evolution of Movement!
Progression towards real life combat Dynamics.

Weapon Disarms & Retention.

Muto Dori:
Foundation movement against Weapon.

We use Modern & Historic
Strategies & Weapons:

Ryuha Kata: 
Exploration of historic examples in strategy
​from the 9 Bujinkan Traditions.

Use of weapons to improve movement.
Blades, Sticks & Spears, Projectiles & Firearms.

Shinken Taijutsu:
Self Defense.